Treasure Hunter's Guild

The Adventures of Galreen: The Banished Bard
and the treasure hunting guild

When last we left our heroes. Jared Grayd received work that his clans chief was dying and requested to seem him one last time. Upon arrival at the orc encampment, Jared and his chief exchanged words in their foul orcish tongue while Zhong and I discussed their distaste in orc scents. Eventually the chief and Jared engaged in one on one in mortal combat. The clan chief both old and ill still had a trick or two up his sleeve and nearly managed to kill Jared if it weren’t for intervention of yours truly and company. We managed to fell the chief and Jared inherited an orcish double axe. I don’t know much about orcish culture, but it seems unorthodox even for them.

We spent the night far away from the orcish encampment, to avoid provoking them and to finally be able to smell fresh air. Jared moved his camp away from us, preferring to mourn his loss alone. In the morning we would venture forth to an orcish tomb in hopes for supplies in our journey, but for now, I will meditate and the humans will sleep and dream.

We arrived at the tomb, the air felt wrong, if our prior adventures had any indication of our future the dead would rise to have us join their ranks. Unfortunately, I was correct in my assumption and the bones of the dead attacked us in swarms. Fortunately, my combat prowess and those of my allies proved superior to the mindless undead. This was not however the only hazard the tomb contained. It also had a hidden ruins from the Ones That Came Before.

The ruins were similar to the ones our group first came upon. Including a room dedicated to teleportation. Also like the other one, activating the room proved fruitless so instead we sought out to open the door to the ruins proper, but found no way to open it. We searched the area until we sprung a pit hole trap. I was the only one agile and clever enough to make the gap. Years of running from angry professors or scorned lovers were beginning to pay off…Certainly better than they did at the duke’s estate.

Several feet of rope later I managed to assist my comrades out of the pit and we discovered a giant lever. After Jared, Darven and I all attempted to pull it we were only rewarded by being sprayed with a green liquid of some sort. Upon further investigation we discovered a second matching lever concealed behind an incredibly well constructed illusion that deceived even my vastly superior Elven eyes. Pulling both levers managed to open the main door so that we could explore further.

The first thing we noticed upon opening the door was a long table covered in buttons and glowing lights unlike which I have ever seen. The second thing was however, much more problematic. A tall figure in a black robe billowing shadows was doing something with the lights and buttons, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. It turned to look at us, recognizing our party as a threat. It raised a finger and fired a sickly green beam at Darven, our cleric. “I like him already” I thought as the rest of us attacked the creature. Unfortunately the creature seemed to fade into the abyss when we attacked. Darven, attempted to tie it to this world, but another strike from the sickly green ray turned him to a pile of ash. I had no time to cherish this moral victory as I ran for the wand Darven was about to use. It resisted my attempt to bind it and I watched as my allies died one by one, until finally it was my turn to die.

White wasn’t the color I would have picked for my eternal paradise and for paradise there seemed to be a distinct lack of beautiful women and adoring fans. As a matter of fact there didn’t seem to be any women or fans at all! All I managed to see was Darven and the rest of my party, confirming that I was either in limbo or in hell. Then I saw what the rest were looking at: The goddess of light stood before us. Immediately, Darven stating his unworthiness to his patron deity. She seemed to agree with him in that respect, something the three of us share in common I suppose.
She did not come all this way to vindicate me and insult her cleric however. She came with a warning and a holy quest. The god of darkness, Fronamin, was stirring and threatening to bring the world to ruin. Our only hope was to receive blessings from the major gods throughout the land and unite their powers to defeat him. She gave hers to Darven, making him half celestial before sending us on our way.

We then awoke, surprisingly intact with no black figure in sight. Now with a sense of purpose we quest to find the other deities and earn their blessing to save the world…Where our story continues.

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